Tailor’s Bunion or Bunionette

Being similar to hallux valgus, bunionette affects the fifth metatarsal, producing its lateral deviation. The little toe moves inward, while the metatarsal bone shows irregular and excessive outgrowth.


The apparent deformation, pain in the area, callosities, and hyperkeratosis under the fifth metatarsal head cause operative treatment to be considered. It consists in the bone protrusion elimination and correct positioning of the metatarsal.


Conservative bunionette therapy is rather limited. Applying pads and anti-inflammatory drugs to the affected area helps reduce pain and inflammation.


Nowadays tailor’s bunion can be treated definitively by means of minimal incision ambulatory surgery performed under local anesthesia. Patients may leave when the operation is over. They will have to attend weekly medical examinations. The length of the recovery period may vary between three and seven weeks depending on the patient, post-surgery evolution and the deformity extent.







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