Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

Tarsal sinus is a small osseous canal running on the inside of the ankle, beneath the ankle bone. It is a space between the calcaneus and talus, filled with synovial fluid that becomes inflamed as a result of altered foot biomechanics and excessive stress across the area. Patients frequently report having suffered ankle sprains caused by the foot inversion. They experience mild pain and hypersensitivity at the lateral malleolus together with difficulty walking.


The podiatry clinic López-Belío recommends physiotherapy, ice applications and rest to diminish local inflammation and pain. Subtalar joint mobilization techniques are considered an important part of medical treatment. Altered biomechanics is addressed with individual orthotic insoles fabricated from a mould of patients’ feet with next generation materials.


If conservative therapy proves fruitless, minimal incision surgery may be a better option. A three-millimeter incision carried out under local anesthesia provides access to abnormal connections in the area so that the affected tissues could be cleaned.  Patients leave the clinic after the intervention and should attend weekly examinations till they are entirely recovered. The process may take 3-4 weeks depending on the patient.





tarsal sinus


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