Morton’s Neuroma (Morton’s Nerve Entrapment)

Morton’s neuroma is also known as intermetatarsal, or interdigital, or plantar neuroma. The terms define this condition as plantar digital nerve degeneration complicated by fibrosis. Compression and irritation of the nerve result in burning pain, usually between the third and the fourth toes. Patients are forced to take off their shoes and rub the affected area.  


Chronic compressions induce nerve enlargement and formation of excessive fibrous tissue. Ill-fitting shoes or those with a tapered toe box increase the risk of a Morton’s neuroma. Besides, it normally occurs in people with high-arched or supinated feet.


Orthotic insoles and local infiltrations as conservative methods may provide symptom relief or even disappearance, while a minimally invasive intervention achieves the tendon sheath decompression. In other words, it eliminates the nerve compression that causes inflammation and cramps.


After the surgery patients return home. Once a week they have to attend medical examinations till the complete recovery. The treatment may take 3-6 weeks depending on the method.  






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