Metatarsalgia (Metatarsal Pain)

Metatarsal pain occurs due to the forefoot overload or the transverse arch collapse. Some metatarsals happen to be arranged on the supporting plane with different inclination and length. Excessive or poor inclination of a metatarsal, its position or length criteria modify the anterior transverse foot arch and the metatarsal parabola, originating plantar over-support, tenderness, and difficulty walking.     


The podiatry clinic López-Belío produces adaptable orthotic insoles from a mould of patients’ feet with new materials and technology, this conservative therapy being highly efficient.   


A two-millimeter incision surgical approach suggests performing a selective cut in the metatarsal and the plane concerned in order to restore the functional position of the bone and restabilise the stress areas. This method has shown excellent results in both short- and long-time perspectives. Recuperation is painless and quick. Patients may walk in postoperative shoes immediately after the intervention.






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