Claw Toes / Hammer Toes

A rather common claw toe deformity is caused mainly by the imbalance in the muscular and bony structures of the foot. The affected joints deform progressively until they become rigid and slip out of place.


Foot type, previous traumas, joint diseases, footwear, neuromuscular and inflammatory disorders should be specified as some of the precursors of the abovementioned deformities.


Claw toes and hammer toes must be treated in time; otherwise their nature may change to permanent.  


At the podiatry clinic López-Belío patients are provided with a treatment, adequate to the deformity degree. Conservative treatment resolves easy cases. Patients are given recommendations and prescribed home exercise programs in order to block the deformity progress. Surgery is left for more advanced cases with considerable pain.


We practice minimally invasive ambulatory interventions for the correction of claw toe and hammer toe deformities. To achieve satisfactory results, such interventions require a comprehensive experience, special medical equipment and instruments handling skills, and strict asepsis standards.


Minimal incision surgery has the following advantages:

  • ambulatory operations that enable patients to walk home
  • local anesthesia
  • incisions of two millimeters that make the recuperation fast and painless
  • no internal fixation devices
  • little risk of infection in comparison with other techniques
  • rapid tissue healing
  • excellent short-term and long-term results




hammer toe, dorsal callus, plantar callus


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